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Christian Writers Blog ChainThis month the Christian Writers Blog Chain have been writing on the word ‘savor’, not to be confused with ‘savIor’. 🙂 That would be a different month altogether…. As before, this month I will be posting an appropriate excerpt from one of my novels. This month my possible choices were all romantic in vein, but the following seemed the most appropriate for not only the word in its most literal sense, but the spiritual and philosophical senses as well.

From ‘The Story: a tale of redemption & romance’, my romantic fantasy available through Smashwords for $0.99 cents.


‘It is the name of your future we seek, my lord knight. As King Reese sought and found his new future, battling the darkness of his past self.’

Zain turned away, but he could not venture farther down the mountain path. He fisted his hands.

‘It is the future all desire for you. One of happiness and wholeness. A future filled with peace. One of love and family. It is the future name the God of this mountain desires to guide you toward, my lord. But I have the freedom to do so only should you allow me beyond the silence to the voices. When you face them, that is when they cease to have power over your waiting future.’

“And what future should I seek?” he asked, his voice a low rumble as he desperately held back the tide of hope. “You have seen my past. What future do I deserve but the life of constantly seeking a peace I do not?”

Zain noticed, again, the bright glow of the gem on the apex of her staff– He heard children’s laughter and the melody of a woman’s greeting… He paled and turned, his eyes focusing on the images of family within the white circle.

A slightly older version of himself walked toward a simple home outside of LaDoon castle. He wore the armor of Crusader Captain, the elite guard of the LaDoon Kingdom. An insignia of the highest honor emblazoned his breastplate.

Two boys ceased their sword play to charge toward him in welcome. A young girl of five years ventured after them, a doll dragging behind her as she reached for his hand, her pale hair aglow in the late afternoon sun.

‘This is a future waiting for you,’ the Oracle intoned with gentle passion. ‘Not enough? What of this?’

The oak staff shifted, and with it the images. Another collection of years. He stood, distinguished and content as he trained an older pair of sons in the techniques of battle. A beautiful daughter cheered from the sidelines performing needlework beside her mother, a woman of ethereal beauty and bright eyes. She looked upon her family with adoration, love caressing her lips with such intensity his heart ached for the reality.

‘Or this? Would this future be enough, my lord?’

The images blurred and shifted, focusing on the cathedral within LaDoon Kingdom and rows of soldiers and civilians as he led his daughter to the young man waiting at the alter beyond.

The King’s son.

A royal marriage. A future of prosperity, happiness, and honor for his daughter… and his sons standing near the king in the armor of the knights with honors decorating their tunics and hanging from their necks. Futures of honor. Lives of protection and duty– Zain turned away, tearing his helmet from his head. “Stop.” It clashed to the ground. “Stop, I say!”

The laughter and the images faded as her oak staff lowered. She rested a hand upon his shoulder. ‘My lord, this is a waiting future. One you deserve. A future your friends wish for you.’ Her hold tightened as she turned him to face her; her features yet hidden in the shadows of her cowl. ‘Will you truly turn your back on these? Will you not fight also for the protection of these souls? Will you not give them their lives?’

“How…?” Zain shook his head. “How can this be possible? I know no such woman as would have me.”

‘This destiny awaits your forward step, my lord knight. You must quest through the horrors of your past and realize their importance.’

He clenched his jaw. “Importance, my lady Oracle? My past caused pain and death, nearly collapsing the kingdom I had sworn to protect. How do I find importance within treachery?”

‘You seek it. You compare who you were to who you now are and seek the beauty within the change. You admit the strengths caused by the overcoming of the weakness.’

The need for this future rose within Zain like a torrential wave. He fisted his hands, driving them into his eyes as if to rub the vision from his mind. But the desire already burned his soul. He ached to hear the laughter of family and feel the pride of fatherhood. He lowered himself to one knee, head lowered. “Guide the quest, my lady Oracle, for this future I will have.”

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