2012 Fiction Favorites

Now that 2012 is coming to a close, many of us are thinking back on our memories from this year, both good and bad. For many of us, the good out-numbered the bad. For others, life glared back at us with challenge after struggle. For me this year encompassed challenges and blessings both, with blessings winning out in the end. Entwined with those blessings are memories of some excellent reads and a book launch.

Fiction Favorites

1. Romance Favorite – The Covering

It was a hard choice, but I must say my favorite romance this year was Dana Pratola’s The Covering released through White Rose Publishing (now part of the Penguin Book Group). The characters were utterly believable, staying in your mind and heart long after you have picked up and set down other reads. Dana’s ability to drive the plight of those characters into your heart and soul is wonderful, and her writing style is addicting to read. This book will definitely be on my “read again and again” list along with Mirror of Destiny and Year of the Unicorn.

2. Suspense Favorite – Rare Earth

I read three of Davis Bunn‘s suspense novels this year, but Rare Earth is the one I continue to recall with the most clarity. I love strong men of action who are not ashamed of the tender sides of their nature. In Marc Royce, the hero of Rare Earth, I found the best of both worlds. In fact, he reminded me of my husband of six years (fellow writer, 82nd airborne infantry, navy cryptographer, regional safety manager). Mr. Bunn’s portrayal of Marc Royce endeared him to me in such a way as to motivate my search for more of that character’s books. That doesn’t happen very often, at least not to me.

3. Fantasy Favorite – Falls the Shadow

Fantasy is a staple for our household, and Melissa Sasina is a welcome addition to that bookshelf. Falls the Shadow was a delightful change from the fantasy pieces of the past, especially considering my limited familiarity with the Norse mythos. Melissa presented an engaging tale, with wonderfully faceted characters and a compelling fantastical world. The next book of the series, Melody of the Dark, is definitely on my to-read list.