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I found it difficult to begin this month’s blog article for the Christian Blog Chain. The topic? Forward. Granted, there were many ideas rambling around in my head, but I couldn’t get one to sit still long enough to actually form a complete thought. So, as is my usual habit, I simply began rambling… er, brainstorming. A sort of free-form attack of the topic.

So, the first question would be, what does the word ‘forward’ mean to me? Yes, it’s a rather blase question, but it’s direct, and to the point. Do I know how to answer it? Certainly not. However, as the title of this post suggests, it did put into my mind the statement of determination uttered in many a Hollywood movie about the caravans venturing westward for a new life.

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Everything was left behind… well, mostly everything. They attempted to cram all types of objects and obsessions into those massive wagons, but along the way, one-by-one, these things also were abandoned. All except their hope for a better future and their dogged steps forward. (Unfortunately, ‘Forward’ is also the one-word maxim for our President, but I wasn’t going to allow that to quell my growing idea for this blog post.)

Like those pioneers in days of old, they had a target they were determined to meet. They looked forward, toward the horizon, and took the next step to face that new future. These treks into the unknown took months of hardships and staring death in the face, and still they moved their caravans onward.

What didn’t kill them, made them stronger.

Yes, of course, there were those who were then embittered against the frontier and the people who “forced” them to venture out of their comfort zone. Those aside, where would we be without those brave souls? We certainly wouldn’t be a collection of states.

Now there is a new year upon us and we are faced with new opportunities. A blank slate. An open horizon waiting for our first step. Even should everything crash around us today, we still have tomorrow morning to pick ourselves up and start again. That is what I intend this year and, with the Lord’s blessing, I will see it through to the end.

My target? I have two:

  1. Publish the expanded edition of my paranormal fantasy, To Save A Soul, in May with new chapters and a new cover
  2. Publish book 2 of my ‘Heart of the Blessed’ series, Releasing Yesterday

The challenge for me will be the goals and staying on target. Keeping my eyes forward, on the prize, and trudging the uphill course that always is ‘writing.’ My husband is helping me setup realistic goals to meet these targets, and it will be up to me to stick to them. To not allow myself to become overwhelmed and, instead, find joy in the challenge. To shout “Forward, HO!” and set off into the unknown with eyes alight and chin raised.

We never know what the ‘morrow will bring, but with the Lord beside us, we know it will be more great than grave.

Nona King