Inspiration is a funny thing, as we all know in some form or fashion. I’m here at the Romance Novel Convention hosted by Jimmy Thomas and find myself benefitting, yet again, from the classes and speakers. Especially one Mark Coker (founder of Smashwords), who presented a talk yesterday (7/10/14) on Preorder Strategies. Because of that talk, and because of his offer to help us Indie Authors with our preorders, I am being able to make my as-of-yet-incomplete novel, Releasing Yesterday, available for preorder on Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

It’s pretty exciting!

At present I am putting brainstorming possible incentives to get people to purchase the preorder; including coupon codes for free books, pricing discounts for those who preorder versus those who order my book after it goes live, and merchandise incentives. If you want to be a part of this as my “Street Team”, subscribe to this site to receive updates, and/or preorder my book, Releasing Yesterday, at the special preorder price. This price will go from $1.99 to $3.99 once the book goes live (likely a few days after the date of release).

Thank you for all your prayers, positive thoughts, and encouraging comments and emails. Let’s get this done!

Nona King

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It’s back!

Smashwords’ Summer/Winter Promotion runs from July 1st all the way through to July 31st. Readers can browse the special promotion catalog and search by coupon-code levels and categories. For one month only, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will provide readers deep discounts on ebooks, with coupon code levels for 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and FREE.

Follow the link: Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotional Catalogue

Then use the following coupon codes:

  1. SW100 for 100% off
  2. SSW75 for 75% off
  3. SSW50 for 50% off
  4. SSW25 for 25% off

All of my books are FREE this month! Just use the appropriate Coupon Code at checkout. You can find my library here: Nona Mae King, Smashwords Author



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I love Pinterest.


Because Pinterest holds a cavalcade of inspiration regardless of your genre of interest. If you want a writing prompt? You can find THOUSANDS. An inspirational quote to get you through a period of shadow? Yes, they have epic numbers of those too. Fashion? Food? Landscapes? Book covers? Yes, YES, YES and YES!!

But more than the visual and mental candy is the opportunity to network with others and find even more bits of awesome. Not only do you find inspiration for a character or a setting, but whatever you Pin can, ultimately, be found and inspire others.

By far the biggest reason for loving Pinterest–at least today–is the fact that this site helps me get excited for whatever writing project I am perusing images for. This mental and spiritual candy cajoles me into remembering why I am impassioned with writing the stories my characters are eager–and sometimes loathe–to tell.

And more than that? It helps me show the passion to others and introduce them to the stories that are such an intimate part of my soul.


Why do you love/hate Pinterest?

Why DON’T you Pinterest?

Why DO you Pinterest?

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Here’s the thing

About being a writer…

Being a writer is hard – difficult – a challenge– however you want to phrase the truth. We have our good days, and our bad days. Some days it is a challenge to continue, no matter what those Pinterest quotes might tell you. Writers get tired, exhausted, and often consider throwing in the pen. If we didn’t, I don’t believe we are being honest with ourselves as a “creative” soul.

But pushing beyond those challenges and doubts IS what will define us as a person and as a writer.

To say that we don’t give a @#!*% what others say is naive. We do, otherwise what is the point of writing if not to impart a portion of our characters and our passion to others? But do we allow what others say affect us for eternity? Heavens no! We write on, for that is what it means to be a writer.

It helps motivate us to find our cavalier selves which will save our sanity in the future.

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Summer definitely means different things to people, especially depending on where they are from, and where they are presently. For me, living in the Pacific Northwest, summer means a few more warmer days than usual (maybe a week of an actual summer where I can wear a tank top and shorts).

For writers and readers both, summer can shift what we’re reading, what we’re writing, or where we tuck ourselves away to do either. For me, who has put herself on a writer’s renewal hiatus from all projects, I have found myself slipping into a collection of days where I am restless and bored, antsy even. So summer has become a time when my heart and soul begins harvesting this restlessness as encouragement that my healing process is underway.

And what a great season to be surrounded by! Sunshine. Warmth. The eagerness to travel. To see new places. Laughter. The sweating glasses of a tall, cool beverage. Sunglasses and flip-flops. They all trill with the giggle of summer. Of fun and ease, regardless of whether we still work during the week or not. Simply gazing out the window as the sun and shadows dance off the leaves and the building awnings makes us smile.

What is your favorite aspect of Summer?

NOTE: I’m having some issues with Rafflecopter showing the last giveaway winners even though I’m starting a new giveaway. Bear with me and I will open up another giveaway. In case I don’t get the giveaway app figured out, you can always leave a comment and I will choose the winners from there.


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There are so many words, phrases, and concepts swirling around in my head that I’m having a bit of difficulty grasping onto a collection of coherent thoughts to put down here. There is the knowledge that I have been wanting to put something here for quite a few weeks only to have that inclination to do so pop like a detergent bubble.

A post about the contagions of excitement.

Or a post about the potency of a creative sigh before one takes another step forward.

Today is usually when I post the next installment of my fantasy adventure serial, The Soul Cycle: Para. It’s such a temptation to dive back in before I know for certain I’m ready to do so. It’s such a thin line, the renewal of a writer. Especially when it is drilled into us the importance of writing something every day.

Unfortunately, that can sometimes drain us of the motivation and inspiration that is so important to the passion of a writer. Obligation and guilt are potent poisons to our muses. Unless, of course, you are the style of writer where these are more of a motivator than a hindrance.

But I, for one, have never cared for the chill of “I write because I can,” or “I write because I should produce at least 500 words every day.”

I began writing because I couldn’t help myself.

There throbbed within my soul the pulse of dozens of characters. They had stories and life experiences aching to be exposed and experienced. To teach me who I was, who I could be, and what I had to offer the world. I didn’t take the time to care about what rules were followed where, or how to portray something correctly. I saw these characters and their lives in my mind’s eye as real as if they were a memory of an actual friend or family member. How could I not write about their agonies and joys?

This is how I wrote for almost twenty years. I suppose you could say I wrote with reckless abandon. With passion. With a certainty in the importance of what my characters had to say. That they had a right to be written.

Then I read a how-to writing book that told me I went about it all wrong. But how can I be doing it wrong when the most basic rule of being a writer is TO WRITE? When I am so obsessed with following the rules and outlines and “do”s and “don’t”s that I can no longer produce, isn’t THAT going about it all wrong?

If I sing a song with pretty words and pretty sounds but no passion, there is no interest, yes?

If I paint a picture with correct lines and shades and shadows but with no passion, there is no depth, yes?

So that is why I now trek this uphill battle to once again find my way to my characters. Somewhere along the way I began speaking a different language and missed a turn because I couldn’t understand what a sign said. Balance. Understanding. Knowing when to push and when to simply sit there and listen…. But at present I’m trying to re-learn how to allow myself to be still. To not allow distraction from the challenge of re-discovering my place simply because it’s uncomfortable, this silence. This stillness.

But the silence is not always scary. It is not always wrong. Sitting in silence is the only way to hear the whisper.

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