Books on a Shelf

Books on a Shelf

Angel Breath Books focuses on stories demonstrating the importance of honor, respect, and communication in relationships. Our characters have a life of their own. In fact, many tread a path we would not dare. In that respect we all have something to learn from their waiting destiny. It is this destiny Angel Breath Books strives to tell. Janine, Marcus, Phillip, the unnamed villain… they all have something to teach about the darker side of destiny.


Release Date – May 16, 2016 – $5.99

Broken Angel

A Heart of the Blessed Novel

Boston – 1888

Eight years have passed since Rachel Samson began studying abroad at a business school for women. When she arrives home, she discovers her father has once again chosen the path for Rachel’s life–that of her future husband. Will a refusal jeopardize her legacy? Or will her choice of a preferred stranger save her heart and her future?

  • A Heart of the Blessed Novel; takes place before Searching for Sara
  • Victorian Romance, Clean Romance, Inspirational
  • eBook: Smashwords, Kindle, NOOKbook
  • paperback: coming in December!

Cover art by Taria Reed

Currently Available for Sale

Searching for Sara

Heart of the Blessed #1

Sara Little has an intimate knowledge of fear, faith her only source of comfort. Then God calls her to put aside her past to pursue a life beyond servitude for the English aristocracy. A life in America.

  • Victorian Romance, Chaste Romance, Inspirational Romance
  • eBook: Smashwords, Kindle, NOOKbook
  • Paperback: Released 12/2012 – No longer available in stores, contact me for this original version, as I do have a few on my bookshelf.
Cover Art by Taria Reed.

Searching for Sara, Extended Edition

Christopher Lake exists in a daily void of grief, stripped of his wife, their unborn son, and his passion for art. Searching for Sara is the story of how two people face their daily tortures of fear and grief to find healing and happiness.

New Cover Art by Taria Reed.

Releasing Yesterday

Heart of the Blessed #2

Sara and Christopher have finally found their happily ever after. One stage of her journey is finished, but what about her relationship with her father? The loss is such a hole in an otherwise blessed life. A hole she doesn’t realize will keep her from the full blessing God has waiting for her.

  • Victorian Romance, Clean Romance, Inspirational Romance
  • A winner of the 2013 National Novel Writing Month contest
  • Cover Art by Taria Reed

My Fair Princess

Nia Alaera, only daughter of the Alaerian King, stands as heir to the throne. To benefit the Alaerian realm, she is betrothed to the mayor of a neighboring district, sight unseen. With his unruly shock of auburn curls and eager smile, Shamus O’Neill reminds her more of a boy than a mayor. Will her role be forever his fair princess? Or will her heart finally burn with the passion she has longed for?

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Cover Art by Nona King.

The Story

A tale of redemption & romance

Zain. A soul manipulated to dark deeds, forever separated from the honor he one time cherished as a knight of a powerful realm. But though evil has an uncanny instinct about weaknesses, honor and love have a way of finding even the smallest strength.

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Cover Art by Nona King.

To Save A Soul

The Soul Cycle #1

Tortured by rumors his daughter now haunts the family estate, wealthy Lazarus Pomeroy hires adventurers Para and Mun to uncover the truth of her disappearance–but after extricating a promise they will not exorcise her restless spirit. Para and Mun accept, but what they uncover is a dark tale of pride, duty, and one girl’s desire to protect the one man she has always loved.

Buy the paperback and you can download the Kindle edition FREE!
Cover Art by Taria Reed.
A winner of the 2008 National Novel Writing Month contest, The Soul Cycle series is set in the d20 universe created by Michael R. King.