Distractions R Us

Posted by in A Writer's Life on Dec 17, 2009

Recently I read a blog post [e-mail] by Michael Hyatt about the distractions provided by the internet. The information and games available to us on this wondrous tool compile so many visual sources of overload!

Just this week I begin to see how my writing suffers at its hand. Instead of jotting down ideas to enhance the twists and turns of my floundering NaNovel, I am playing Pet Society, Castle Age, or some other Facebook game. It might have begun innocent enough, but now the gleam has tarnished and I am left staring at the mess around me in befuddlement.

How did I get here?

One foot after the other. *le sigh

So now the challenge is to pick up the toys, put them in the chest where they belong, and dig out my neglected writings for another go. I am not going to allow distraction to keep me from my passion, and that is finishing the story my characters need told. Perhaps, once the toy chest is locked, I will have more time to do a few other things I enjoyed at one time…?

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