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There is something to be said for the steady pace of a life outside of the metropolitan. Life doesn’t sprint past you, leaving you out of breath and wondering what you accomplished. On the east side of the Snoqualmie pass it is up to the hubs and I to make things happen, which opens our minds and imaginations to a long list of adventures standing just outside our doorstep. It becomes our choice to lounge, fish, swim, boat, hike, walk… you get the picture.

In fact, this weekend the hubs and I took up our fishing poles and picnic items and journeyed out for a lunch of bbq burgers and some fishing. The feel of the sun on my face and arms and the soft kiss of the cool breeze off Banks Lake was wonderful, relaxing.

Would I have done the same in Western Wash? Perhaps, to a degree, but more often than not my habit was to get home and try and relax from the hectic journey to and from work. Traffic truly is a muse squasher for me, and it would often take more energy to gird myself  up for an evening of editing or writing than I had in reserve.

What I find here in the expanse that is Eastern Wash is a rejuvenating 90-minute one-way commute surrounded by lake after lake, sun-kissed cliff sides, and clear blue skies that are speckled with herons, hawks, magpies and various other birds. How can a person NOT be inspired by that? Well, a person such as I who was raised on a 30-acre homestead. This change of life encompasses not only an alteration to my surroundings, but to my very life’s view.

The Fresh Air of this new ‘way of life’ smacks with the flavor of what being a full-time writer could be, and I must say I am eager for that arrival!

Until that day comes, I will make use of the silent, quality time of my commute to obsess over the outline for my novels, swirling the ideas in my head until my characters and I decide on what the circumstances and outcomes for their destiny happen to be. Perhaps I will even be able to finish the revisions that are dawdling in my head for my contemporary romance and my science fiction YA series?

Time will tell, and the fresh air of the lakes and canyons will be there waiting for me when I venture forth down this new road of creative imaginings.

Nona King