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This month the ChristianWriters Blog Chain’s subject is ‘Quest’, a word that brings to mind tales of daring and sorrow, of heroes and fiends… and life. The reason I say this is due to my own life’s Quest the past months. Oddly enough, it does  not entail writing, though I know that is the subject matter of most of my CWBC blog posts.

My husband’s career for the past 7 years has been that of Construction Safety. In March of 2011 a Canada-based construction company hired him for an 18-month project in Eastern Washington. Because of the distance from our home in Kent, I would only be able to see him on weekends. During the winter, when the Pass is closed due to inclement weather, those weekends would be few and far between.

The Lord put His hand in our affairs and made it possible for us to rent out our Kent house to friends and get me transferred within my company to a project site in Eastern Washington. We also found a great house to rent, which would be paid for by the hubs’s company. Some of you may recall previous posts of the Eastern Washington locale, the small town feel, the laid back atmosphere, and the sense of ‘spiritualism’ (for lack of a better word).

Suffice it to say, the hubs and I love the area and do not want to leave, even when the project is done in December of 2012.

Around Thanksgiving we received dire news: they were pulling my husband from the project 12 months early. Instead, he would report to the district office in Bellevue. It would all happen the beginning of the new year.

We were confounded. How could this be happening again? We were in a similar situation in 2010 when my husband was assigned to a naval base project as the safety officer. Again, I only saw him on weekends (or less) for 5 months.

But now, we had left our “wet side” life behind. We had rented out our house, relocated everything – even the dog – only to be told that he would no longer be on this project. Not only that, they did not even know where they would put him. Both of us were deposited with little regard into a state of limbo. The one blessing we held was the fact both of us still had jobs in a floundering economy so we have been better able to float a mortgage as well as the rent of this second house.

Of course it would be easy enough for me to request a transfer back to the corporate office, if we wanted to return to the “wet side”, but we both feel our heart is here. Not only have we been transplanted, our heart and soul has taken firm root. The only option left to us was for the hubs to seek another position with a different company.

This is where we currently find ourselves, waiting for the final interview with a large company in need of not simply a coordinator or officer, but a safety MANAGER. There would also be opportunity for advancement to a director role in the future, something the hubs is definitely looking forward to. In the interim, we try to be patient and bide our time. To wait and see what the Lord has in store for us THIS time.

This current challenge has me wondering…. Was the promise of an 18-month project the only way to get the hubs and I to venture to the other side of the Pass? To find our real home? To put him on this better career path that might result in us succeeding as a 1-income family so that I can focus on my writing?

These are the questions waiting to be answered as we keep plodding onward, seeking the prize at the end of this grueling race we call life. I must admit the first adventure of a 5-month separate has me better prepared for the weekend-only visits, and it is easier to keep my hopes at a manageable level, but it will be nice to reach the end of this particular journey.

Will there be another further down the road? Most definitely.

Will it be the same? I hope not! Three times in a row makes for a bit of a boring quest?

Perhaps the future challenge would be the opportunity to move to a different state? Or perhaps it will involve a writing workshop or writer’s retreat to another state or country? Time will tell, as will the result of our current quest. But one thing is certain, the Lord sees the big picture and He will never ask us to make the journey alone.

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