Posted by in A Writer's Life on Feb 24, 2012


It’s a funny word. Fun to say, horrible to spell, but it is exactly what I have been doing. “Perseveration is the repetition of a particular response” according to Wikipedia. I worked in the rehab industry for 8 years, and WikiP has it right.

“How have you been perseverating?”

Excellent question. Let me tell you.

Remember a few days ago I posted how I had conceptualized a new novel idea based on a sliver from my life? Well, several times a day now I navigate to the ‘about the book’ page and re-read the synopsis, gaze at all the cover concepts, and then reluctantly get back to work. I have even reorganized the OneNote file (saved on SkyDrive).

“Are you saying this is a bad thing?”

NO~well, yes and no? I should be writing the little scenes to insert into my “sweet & spicy” romance, My Fair Princess. What do I do instead? Write possible scene ideas in OneNote for the new romance. I suppose I should cut myself some slack (something I tell myself to do a lot) since I’m ahead of schedule with my¬†MFP and it’s best to get as much done on a new idea as possible before the mood passes.

=D That’s all. Just thought I would share.

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