A sequence of events

This month, the Christian Writers Blog Chain is focusing on the topic ‘Pursuit’. This topic is dedicated to not only graduates, but fathers. Oddly enough, the topic falls in line with my inspirational romance series, Heart of the Blessed.

Searching for SaraBook 1, Searching for Sara, is nearing the end of her journey this month. Then, in September, she will celebrate her 7-year anniversary with a 2nd release to print. It’s exciting. Especially after revisiting all the chapters and scenes that did not make it into the final product. Sara has come a long way, suffered a lot of pain and heartache, and finally found her happily ever after.

Or has she?

One stage of her journey has finished, yes, but now her future is just beginning. A future of family, and not just that of Christopher and his daughter. I am speaking of a family Sara never knew, one she kept herself from wanting. A relationship with her father. This is the central focus of Releasing Yesterday, Heart of the Blessed #2.

Releasing YesterdayThis will be only the 2nd time that I have fully focused on completing a sequel directly after releasing book 1. The dedication to completing the entire story has me a little by the throat, and I feel certain that my goal-setting trend since last year has a hand in that. Making and completing goals is on par with the satisfaction that comes from completing and finishing a manuscript.

And it leaves you wanting more.

The loss of Sara’s father is such a hole, one she doesn’t realize. One I know will keep her from the full blessing which God has waiting for her. Releasing Yesterday will, hopefully, clearly relate the struggle and the blessing to this next tier of facing fear and stepping forward in obedience. And not just for Sara, but for Christopher and Sara’s own father.

I also get to introduce my readers to Robert and Rachel, the main characters of book 3, Broken Angel, which takes place before Searching for Sara. It is the first time that I have chronologically ordered a series like this, but it is a challenge I look forward to! What challenges are you experiencing in your writing projects?

Nona King