Network Brainstorming

Posted by in A Writer's Life on Jun 11, 2012

Network Brainstorming

Today I had the rare treat of being able to brainstorm with my office buddy about the plot of Releasing Yesterday, book 2 of the Heart of the Blessed series.

She has read Searching for Sara (book 1) – loved it – and has made no secret of her eagerness for the second book. It felt wonderful to get the back-and-forth suggestions. Have you ever noticed how much more quickly ideas spring to the surface than when you are discussing those with an interested party? It made me eager to continue working the storyline out in my head so that I could get to the plot synopsis that much quicker.

Many don’t realize the infectious nature a sounding-board can have on the story. If you have found a person you trust for fair and honest responses, what a gem! More than once a more rounded storyline has come about because of discussing the possibilities with my husband (and fellow writer), my mother, my co-worker, or another writer.

Every little facet of extra experience is so important to make the characters and their story real. One idea from someone else can light a very fire inside your mind!

So even though today has been fraught with tension and stress at my job, I am excited to hit the road home. Why? Because then I will have 60 glorious minutes to take those gems of ideas and piece them together into a fuller story. Brainstorming is a preventative measure against writer’s block. And network brainstorming (sound-boarding?) helps re-kindle excitement for the project as a whole.

Find yourself a sounding-board buddy. You won’t regret the decision.

Nona King

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