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About the Book

Falls the Shadow

Year 848, Age of Man Everything had been taken from her: her family, her home, and nearly her life. Now, two years later, Maeja is still haunted by what the Empire had done to her. And with betrayal fresh in her mind, she seeks to reclaim a treasure before it falls into enemy hands.

Seeing unjust all around them, brothers Connor and Linkyn decide to take matters into their own hands, raining down bloody justice upon all they consider evil.

The lust for treasure is what drives the pirate Ril and his accomplice Mjrn to the castle. But an unplanned attack causes them to lose their treasure while gaining a new challenge.

A twist of fate leaves these unlikely companions the only defense the Midlands have against an Empire that seeks to resurrect Loki and create another Ragnarok which could plunge all of Midgard into a darkness it isn’t prepared to face…

Review, by Nona King

Falls the Shadow was a delightful change from the contemporary pieces read thus far, especially considering my limited familiarity with the Norse mythos. Melissa weaves an engaging tale, with wonderfully faceted characters and a compelling fantastical world.

Though her descriptive passages sometimes lack a personal connection to the scene’s main character, it clearly set off her in-depth knowledge of the world, its history, and the future yet to be told. At times the quantity of short scenes left me with a feeling of disappointment, but not so much as to distract me from the story’s progression.

There were some misused words sprinkled throughout (i.e. ‘where’ instead of ‘were’, or ‘surely’ instead of ‘surly’), and some places where the narrative could have used some tightening but, again, it wasn’t enough to irritate or distract. My biggest qualm was the sometimes impersonal description, for this really limited the developing relationship between the characters and me as the reader. If she were to weave more of the character’s voice into those narrative bits… gold!

All in all, Falls the Shadow is an intriguing fantastical tale and I am eager to read the next installment.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5. I wanted to love these characters, but the impersonal narrative kept me at arms length. That is pretty much the only reason I don’t give this story a 4 or 4.5 out of 5.

Would I read it again: Yes, I do believe I would.

Would I recommend it to others: Yes. It is a fascinating mythos.

About the Author

Melissa SasinaMelissa Sasina was born in Ohio in 1982. Always a lover of fantasy and myth, Melissa began writing short stories when she was in her late years of elementary school. She began writing seriously in high school before finally completing her first set of novels, “The Priestess Trilogy”, in 2008, though they were not officially published til mid 2010.

Melissa still resides in Ohio with her husband and son, and does freelance art as more of a hobby. Her art is viewable at shiovra.deviantart.com and she can be found on Facebook!