Searching for Sara

Searching for Sara

Heart of the Blessed | Book 1

Victorian Romance, Inspirational | c. 1894
Received ‘Certificate of Merit’  in the Deep River Books Writers Contest, March 2011
Winner of the ‘Indie Book of the Day’ award for July 26, 2013

Cover art by Taria Reed.

About the Book

Searching for Sara, design by Taria Reed

Searching for Sara, Heart of the Blessed Book 1, brings faith, hope, suspense and romance to the heroing tale of Sara Little.  Set in 1892, Sara’s heritage begins with the poor working class of London.  With little hope for a better life, Sara finds favor with handsome widower Christopher Lake.

Recently widowed, Lake mourns his beloved wife and swears allegiance to her last request: provide for Sara and elevate her place into society’s elite.  Upon such an undertaking, Christopher discovers that Sara has an amazing artistic talent, worthy of the finest patronage.  Coaxing her out of her own familiarity, her new benefactor has arranged for Sara’s masterpieces to be displayed among the wealthy aristocratic society.  But Christopher quickly realizes he has taken on more than he had anticipated, and Sara battles not only her place in society, but a love that has begun to bud for her benefactor.

This new love, set in the romantic gestures of the past, may or may not survive…is Sara worthy?  Will society let their pure love flourish?

Take a journey into the past, to a discovery that all endings have new beginnings.  A fast-paced novel by Nona Mae King unveiling true love and offering faith in the impossible, giving hope for a bright future, even for the most common of subjects –Searching for Sara: Heart of the Blessed– a time of innocence, leading to a blessed life.

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Sara has longed to live in America, but being born of a single mother in London’s working class, she had little hope for a better life–until she receives an invitation from a prestigious American family. Drawn to the possibility of a new beginning, she steps forward into the unknown.

Sara’s benefactor is widower and philanthropist Christopher Lake. Though still reeling from the loss of his wife and their still-born son, he has dedicated himself to helping the less fortunate redefine their lives. Now he is faced with his late wife’s final request: To provide Sara the means for a brighter future.

But when a local newspaper weaves tales of a romantic entanglement, Sara is struck by a stark reality: Caught in a whirlwind of debuts and dinner parties, she has fallen for the one man she could never deserve. How could a servant girl hope to bless such a noble man to happiness?

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  1. The Nightmare
  2. Sniggering Explained
  3. After the Party
  4. Bittersweet Reminders
  5. Mr. Conklin’s Second Visit

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What Others Are Saying:

“I am glad that there are still writers [like] you [who do] CLEAN romance…. Please keep it up and I appreciate ANGEL BREATH. I cannot really read that often but when I need to relax I need and I found it in your books.” ~Pinky

“I just want to thank you for writing such a beautiful tale about the gentleness and beauty of love, friendship and family – and also about overcoming grief. I cannot express enough what a delight it was to read; it is very rare to find a book that is so pure, clean yet tells a wholesome story and builds characters that are so real and lovable.” ~Jenny W.

King paints a full-bodied story, rich in imagery, emotion, and spiritual healing. Her prose spills out effortlessly as she introduces us to characters who are multifaceted and easy to love. Historical readers will embrace her fresh voice. I particularly appreciated the realistic relationships between friends and siblings.” ~Ann Lee Miller, author of Kicking EternityThe Art of My Life, and Avra’s God

Searching for Sara is a sweet romance whose characters will linger with you long after the last page. With an emphasis on both overcoming grief and conquering self-doubt, the story not only is a touching romance, but a message about moving on and letting the past rest but appreciating how it has changed you. King is an excellent writer with a knack for penning likable, relatable characters.” ~Lynnette Bonnerauthor of Rocky Mountain OasisHigh Desert Haven, and Fair Valley Refuge (The Shepherd’s Heart series)

King uses faith, prayer and artistic growth to masterfully create a story that is both memorable and stirring. King had me in tears a half dozen times as she let me experience what both Sara and Christopher were going through.” ~Carol Peterson, author of teachers’ resource books Fun with FinanceJump Into Science, and Jump Back In Time.

This book is its own little piece of heaven . . . Being “little” has nothing to do with the heart of this girl . . . and with her meek spirit, she shines the light of the Lord to help heal broken hearts and mend families. I highly recommend it.” ~Laura J. Marshall, author of  Persistent Love

Searching for Sara is a story of poverty and humility, a story of hope from a beginning of hopelessness, and a surprising story of love. The way [King] deals with grief and the aftermath of tragedy impressed me.  Having read some other books by [her], I was really looking forward to reading Searching For Sara, and King did not disappoint.” ~Bethany Jean, poet, author, and reviewer for Readers’ Realm online magazine.

King weaves art in many forms throughout this story, from charcoal and watercolors to tatting and crocheting to old pictures from childhood.  The resulting kaleidoscope is largely pleasing to the reader’s eye.” ~Kim Ford, reviewer for The Wordsmith Journal Magazine.

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About Nona King

Author 100pxNona King is an independent writing professional for Angel Breath Books. She has dedicated herself to writing true-to-life characters, be they villain or hero, so her readers can experience life and its many passions. All her stories focus on faith, honor, and the importance of communication and trust in our relationships with others.

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