My Fair Princess

a sweet story of love, duty, and friendship

My Fair Princess

Nia Aleria, only daughter of the King, is betrothed sight unseen to the mayor of a blossoming town. After her childhood fantasies of finding true love the betrothal is a bitter pill to swallow, but with his unruly shock of auburn hair and easy going manner, Mayor Shamus O’Neill bears a striking alternative to the decrepit mayor of her imagination.

Fantasy Romance, Sweet/Spicy Romance
Copyright Registration Number: TXu 1-818-011
Originally released as the fan-fiction A Wyndian Princess on, inspired by the characters from the Breath of Fire series by Capcom.

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About the Book

Nia is the only daughter of Alaerian King Thaedis. To benefit the realm and expand trade, she is betrothed to the mayor of a blossoming town in a neighboring district sight unseen. After her childhood fantasies of finding true love the betrothal is a bitter pill to swallow, but her dedication to her people provides silent courage.

Future possibilities shift when she meets her mysterious husband-to-be before the wedding. With his unruly shock of auburn hair and easy going manner, she is reminded of a mischievous boy rather than a mayor. Shamus O’Neill is a handsome and endearing alternative to the decrepit mayor of her imagination.

When he makes it his daily goal to woo her, friendship flames into fondness. Each act of deference encourages a stronger affection in Nia until her heart comes to realize that the fondness has blossomed to a true and passionate love for her husband.

What Others Are Saying:

Charming! My Fair Princess is a sweet story of love, duty, and friendship. It wasn’t the typical storyline where the espoused groom is a tyrant and the bride a fearful waif destined for misery.Nia Alaera understands her duty and why she must marry Shamus O’Neill. She goes into it headlong, with eyes opened. Fortunately for her, Shamus (Shay) is the epitome of a Sweetheart. He’s gentle, handsome and generous, and is determined to give her every chance to fall in love with him. Do I hear applause, ladies? (~Dana Pratola, author of ‘The Covering’ and ‘Descended~Jett’)

A New Take on Arranged Marriage. The typical arranged marriage = people who have never met coming together in an intimate union. In this novella, Nona King tells the tale of a couple coming into the this arrangement with hope and making the choice to fall in love. The book explores the potential of love as a choice, provided that both make it. (~Pauline Creeden, author of myriad devotionals and fantasy co-author)

Like a nice cup of tea! Sweet and warm. A mythical kingdom, a fairy princess, a lowly suitor and an arranged marriage – everything a good fairy tale needs. The book chronicles the slow but steady blossom of love between the two, with the major conflict being the internal one that the Princess faces as she learns to love her husband. We are treated to some beautiful description and a gently developed love that is sure to leave the reader feeling warm inside. (~Tracy Krauss, award winning author of ‘Wind Over Marshdale’, ‘My Mother the Man-Eater’, and other fine novels.)

Worth a return trip. To watch the love bloom between Princess Nia Alaera and Mayor Shamus O’Neill was a welcome change from the romance novels of my past. While there’s plenty of attraction between the main characters, Nona has written something deeper here. She explores the process of finding true love on a level I don’t usually see in the genre, and the liberal doses of humor throughout keep the story from getting maudlin or melodramatic. (~Traci Bonney, author of ‘The Women of Atherton’ series.)

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About Nona King

Author Nona KingNona King is an independent writing professional for Angel Breath Books. She has dedicated herself to writing true-to-life characters, be they villain or hero, so her readers can experience life and its many passions. All her stories focus on faith, honor, and the importance of communication and trust in our relationships with others.

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