On day 7 of NaNoWriMo, my motivation and inspiration began to lose steam. My word count was ahead of schedule. My outline was barely touched.

While I had tentatively tossed my hat into this year’s NaNoWriMo ring, there was never any doubt I could finish the race and hit that 50,000 word goal at the end of 30 days. I had no reason to doubt, because I had hit and exceeded the goal every year since 2008. In fact, when the motivation began to wane, I expected it to rear its ugly head based on past experience.

What I did not expect was for the lack of inspiration to continue on for a week.

So now I must ask myself the question: Do I continue to press on?

Pressing on will mean defeating the writer demons of lethargy and indifference when it comes to building a story. Strengthening the muscles of discipline and determination.

The other alternative is to quit. To admit defeat. My entire being cringes at the thought! I written a lot of novels and novellas that exceeded the 50k word mark, so why should I allow myself the luxury of not completing this task?

Writing is hard! That is why only a select few can call themselves writers! Because they face the challenges and press onward. And yet I still want to allow myself the option of passing on victory this year.

Why? Because not all stories should find their way to the finish. There comes a point in time when we need to say “I’m sorry, darling, but you’re going to stay in the ‘Workspace’ folder.” It’s hard, yes, but sometimes it must be done.

With writing this post, I come face-to-face with that possibility for this particular story. Not the entirety of it, but this first portion. Where I previously thought this tale  must be told, now I’m not so certain – and I understand why.

Understanding is the best result from anything. It allows growth.

As always, NaNoWriMo reminds me of the challenges to writing as well as the importance with having a daily writing goal. To produce something, anything, moves you forward toward a goal of completing a manuscript. Sometimes, that forward motion is the best remedy for the reason you have never written a book before, or since. I haven’t yet decided if I will continue to the end, but since I have nearly crested the half way point, I find it a sad state of affairs to entertain the idea of quitting.

Perhaps, instead of quitting NaNoWriMo, I need to quit the mundane storyline and throw the characters into some adventure!


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Adventure Thrills

There is something both terrifying and thrilling about the prospect of being shifted from one path to another.

CrossroadsIn my post Quest | CWBC I mentioned how my husband and I are in a current state of flux in regards to his current employer and our current location of residence. Since the post the limbo has been jostled into a state of constant questions and no resolve. Chaos, even… and yet within the uncertainty there is a stillness. A calm. A knowledge that everything will play out according to the plan God has in mind for us, blessings and challenges alike.

What happened that has added chaos?

Well, this week he was told by his current employer that he has been submitted for the safety positions at a project in Vancouver (not certain if it is BC or WA) and in Hillsboro, Oregon. The Hillsboro position could start as soon as April or May and, similar to the other position he is considering, could be a wonderful career advancement opportunity.

The challenge of moving to Oregon is moderate, to be sure. The larger challenge is whether or not I could find a position at the Portland headquarters with my current employer, or if I would be able to continue my current tasks via telecommuting (perhaps from the Portland office?), or if I would be forced to find a new position. We are not at a point, yet, where we can do without my income, although that is my husband’s goal.

It would be nice to be back in Oregon, and my family would love to have me back on their doorstep. The other bonus would be the fact the sibs, hubs, and I would be able to get together for weekly game night again. Even my sister (who moved to Washington and stayed with us for a couple years before striking out on her own) has the possibility of being able to get a position in Oregon….

But then there is the other possibility the hubs is pursuing that allows us to stay in lovely Eastern Washington. So peaceful. So calm and welcoming. Yet… so easy that it makes me wonder if this is not the path we will be set upon. When given the choice, has life ever chosen the easier path?

Our due diligence is to keep an open mind and step forth in obedience to His will. Thankfully it seems easier this time than it has in the past, and I hope to make the Lord “proud” of how we handle this particular desert. Whatever path becomes the final destination, I know there will be blessings and challenges both.

So let it be.

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Lost in the Mix

It is a horrible feeling when you cannot find the proper version of a manuscript in the final stages of revision.

My Fair Princess has been a joy to work with… to this point. Last night I received the proof copy in the mail (it looks lovely, by the way!) and noticed that the margins are not quite spacious enough for pleasant reading. So, this morning I went into Word to fix that issue, double-check the copyright and image information, and then upload the new version to CreateSpace.


Hello? What is this? Why is the cover image still listed as Derek Brewster? *dig around in manuscript* Hey! This file doesn’t include the changes….when was this thing last updated… darn, I already saved it so it shows today. *looks at backup on thumb drive* This is the same thing!


So…now I am in a bit of panic, imagining that I will need to retype from the proof copy if the newest version isn’t on my laptop at home either. Who wants to go through the MS and try and recall what they’ve changed? No one that I know of, which means it will entail NEW edits and revisions….


Definitely not the setback I would have preferred… of course, do we ever prefer setbacks? *ahem* I guess this was the MS’s way of keeping my attention away from Searching for Sara… pampered little MS….

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